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Julia MottaBildung und Beratung

International youth work, intercultural and diversity-conscious education

Education and Counselling

International youth work is offered by educational institutions, associations, youth organisations, municipalities and other institutions. For international youth work projects, project partners in other countries, financial support, pedagogical staff and participants have to be found. Other factors for the success of these projects are the development of well thought-out pedagogical concepts, good communication with the international partners and professional organisation and administration of the budget, among other things.


As an education officer with over twenty years of professional experience, I offer professional support in all these fields and am also available as an educational specialist for the preparation, monitoring and management of projects or for the further training of educational staff.


International and intercultural experiences have long been part of my everyday life, both privately and professionally. After graduating from high school, I spent a year as a volunteer in Sierra Leone/West Africa and worked there as a teacher at a secondary school.

I studied ethnology, intercultural didactics and economics in Göttingen and Canterbury. After completing my Master's degree in 1999, I worked for fifteen years as an education officer for intercultural learning, international encounters and social engagement at the European Youth Education and Youth Meeting Centre in Weimar, where I initiated and carried out a variety of projects. The focus was on seminars and workshops for national and international youth groups as well as training courses for multipliers. From 2002 to 2014, this also included coordinating a cooperation project with the German National Agency "JUGEND für Europa" to run the seminars in the "European Voluntary Service" programme.

Since 2008, I have also been working as a freelance trainer, coach and consultant for various youth and adult education institutions.

I offer pedagogy and project management from one source


Seminars and workshops

I offer seminars and workshops aimed at the further qualification of professionals and educational staff in the field of youth work and (international) youth education. Focal points here include

  • Intercultural and diversity-conscious education

  • Democracy education and political education

  • Methods of non-formal education to accompany seminar and group processes

  • Project management of international projects

  • Instruments for the recognition of non-formal learning and their application

  • Dealing with language, language diversity and language and power

  • Conflicts, conflict analysis and conflict management

Coaching, counselling and support

I will be happy to accompany and advise you and your team in the development of your organisation, plans and projects of international youth work as well as on the topics of my seminars and workshop offers, but above all also on

  • Educational aims and objectives of international youth work projects and network building

  • Financial support and application (especially European funding programmes)

  • Project development and design of seminars and workshops - national and international

  • Project management and project administration

  • Setting up and expanding international networks for international youth work

  • Quality aspects in international youth work (cooperation in international teams, time management, budget planning, preparation and follow-up, communication, etc.)

  • Conflict management

You benefit from

  • My clear and realistic view of the field of international youth (education) work and its possibilities

  • My profound experience in project management, including budget management and grant accounting

  • My extensive knowledge of funding and application procedures

  • My network contacts in different European countries (institutions and individual actors in international youth work)

  • My process-oriented, appreciative and diversity-conscious approach to counselling and working with groups

  • My systemic approach


If you are interested in my offer, you can reach me by e-mail at bildung(at)juliamotta.de or by phone at +49(0)30 346 265 11. I would be happy to discuss your concerns and how I can support you.

Knowledge and Competences


I am a trained trainer for

  • "A World of Difference"

  • "Achtung  (+) Toleranz"

  • "Kompetenznachweis International" (Certificate of competences)

  • Das "Fünf-Kulturen-Spiel" (Five Cultures' Game)

Further additional qualifications

  • Training as an Open Space facilitator

  • Additional qualification for "Coaching in international youth work"

  • University course "Integrative Conflict Transformation - Methods of Social, Intercultural and International Conflict Transformation" (IICP Vienna and IFF of the University of Klagenfurt)

  • Training as an observer of FAIJU (Förderassessment Center Internationale Jugendarbeit)


  • German (mother tongue)

  • English (I can lead seminars in English)

  • French (good)


A list of my clients and projects can be found under "Projekte" on this website.



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